Services Provided

Work By Appointment Only:


We provide a variety of separate services which I will number for your convenience. We provide in door cage boarding like a doggy hotel more details below. I’ll explain them in detail and then you can click our link above in the upper menu for “Service Pricing” for the services you may be interested in.

1. Cut Toe Nails Only:  See the Pricing for Services page for Small, Medium and Large dog nail cutting prices. An optional nail filing with a $3.00 surcharge is available. They can be sharp when first cut. You don’t have to leave your dog for nail cutting. Just call and check availability and we will stop and cut them while you wait.

2. Bath and Nails:  (Anal Glands, Washing, Blowing Dry, *Combing out, Cutting toe nails, optional nail filing with a $3.00 surcharge. We also spray them with fresh smelling dog cologne and deodorant and put a bandanna on them.)
This includes a wash in your choice of shampoo:

*Medicated Shampoos my require a small surcharge particularly on larger breeds.

*”Combing out”. We do a light dematting, brush and comb out with our bath and nails. Matted dog or dogs with an exceptional amount of undercoat that can actually be combed out that require extra time we must charge for or if the hair is to matted we may suggest an actual hair cut at your discretion.

3. Points (Partial Trim with Sanitary Cut):  This service includes everything in the Bath and Nails section, including anal glands and blowing them dry. We do some very light hair trimming which I will explain. With points we cut and neaten the hair around the feet and out of the eyes and perform a sanitary cut. We do a sanitary cut around the privates, (Keeps urine from getting into stuck in the surrounding hair). We also do the sanitary cut around hind end keep anything from getting caught in the hair. (These Sanitary cuts are important if you don’t have your don’t groomed frequently some may even end up with blockage from doing their business). Cutting around the eyes is important as hair can act like a wick for bacteria and cause eye infections. We also shave the pads of the feet and scissor the feet and very legs lightly to shape them. We also shave the belly area. Again this includes everything in the Bath and Nails section but the difference between “Points” and a “Full Groom” is that we don’t necessarily shape entire faces and we don’t cut any hair from the body itself with the “Points” service. We end with putting a fresh smelling dog cologne and deodorant and put a bandanna on them.

4. Full Groom (Full Haircut, All Services):  This is the full service. It includes all of the services above and more. This includes anal glands, washing, blow drying, full body hair cut all of the sanitary areas as well. Full shaping of the face, eyes, head, ears and tail. The toe nails are cut as well. Nails can be filed upon request. We also pull any hair out of the ears on the breeds that have them to prevent infection. Ear hair acts like a wick for bacteria to get down in the ear and also prevents venting or breathing of the ear canal. In summary its the full services anal glands, bath, blowing dry, nail cutting, sanitary cutting, full body haircut (face, eyes, ears, head and tail), and pulling hair from the ear canal.  Your choice of shampoo’s as stated above. We end with putting a fresh smelling dog cologne and deodorant and put a bandanna on them.

5. Boarding (Cat or Doggy Hotel) Details: 
Our Regular Business hours:
Monday – Friday 7:30am to 4:00pm and up to 4:30pm if needed.
Saturday – Closed we do not conduct any business on Saturday.
Sunday – 9:00am to 9:15am upon appointment. We open only long enough for pickup and drop off of animals.

We charge by the night. There is no extra charge for picking up anytime during regular business hours. We provide Boarding by appointment. We ask for an emergency contact number in case of any emergency. We also do this is so that we can confirm boarding appointments. If you are leaving the country perhaps a relative or friends number. We also ask who your current Veterinarian in case of any emergency. Although we do not require your pets shot records it is highly advisable that you be current and up to date on your pets shots. If you pet is one year old or less it is almost essential that you be up to date on your pets shots. We are and in door boarding facility and walk animals four times a day. We have a very secure nice sized back yard with a 6 foot wooden fence completely surrounding it. It has been tried and tested for large and small dogs. One might say even the smallest are safe, “It’s Chihuahua proof” is a phrase I often use. We never mix dogs together unless they are from the same family and prefer to share their outside time together. There is no need to bring dog bowls as we have more than enough stainless steel dog dishes of every size. We do ask that you bring your own dog food, as we have found that animals are already distressed about being away from their owners and switching foods give many upset stomachs. You may prepare a care package or bring a container or even your dog food bag. Feel free to bring whatever treats, toys, blankets that you wish us to provide for them during their stay. If you wish to bring a dog bed please do not bring one that is excessively large as it may take away from their space and we have trouble cleaning beds that are to large. We have plenty of kennel towels and blankets that we keep fresh and clean on a regular basis between each walk if necessary. My name Keith Key and I live here at the shop along with my brother Eric Key. I am a Groomer and Eric is one of our Bathers and we take shifts along with the help of from our other bathers in afternoon with dog walks. There is always someone on site with your animal they are never left alone. We have provided boarding services for some 15 years now and never lost an animal in our care.