Medium to Large Breed Boarding per Night

We charge by the night. There is no extra charge for picking up anytime during regular business hours. We consider medium to large to be animals that require our larger bottom cages or largest cages. Medium to large we consider Cocker Spaniel sized and up. Breeds such as Boykin Spaniels, Springer Spaniels. Boxers, (Pit bulls, family friendly only) up to larger breeds such as Labrador’s, Golden Retrievers and many other breeds of larger size. We do have one consideration that if you have a large pet that has never been cage boarded that may cause damage to our cages or facility we may have to have you retrieve your animal as we may not be able to contain them. They can harm themselves trying to break out of cages and in addition to this danger you may be liable for damages to cages or property. This has happened on rare occasions and may upset your plans if your pet has never been cage boarded so if you animal meets these conditions and has very bad separation anxiety please have a backup plan such as a family member, neighbor or friend to retrieve your pet or perhaps select another boarding facility with outdoor runs. We do not have guerrilla cages and they are not indestructible. A large strong dog with anxiety can do a lot of damage. Most of the animals we board have been to our facility at one time or another for bathing or grooming of some sort and are used to cages. Please read our full “Details” on our Services Provided page.