Cat per Night

We are primarily a dog boarding facility but we do board cats as well. In most cases we try to set up an area in our office grooming area on a raised platform to keep cats from having to board in the same room as the dogs. In order to keep our prices so low we ask that you provide your own kitty litter and food. Any left over supplies will be returned to you. We have litter boxes already that are fairly large and fit our kennels perfectly. We usually put a large towel across the entire bottom of the kennel to help catch excess litter and place another kennel towel at the front to lay on with the food and water in the front. We place the litter box sideways at the rear of the cage. We constantly keep fresh water in between feedings as litter tends to get all over with their daily activities. We scoop their litter daily and change as needed. We move them out, vacuum and sanitize their cages at litter change. Cats stay in doors and are cage boarded only with the exception of allowing them some extra running space on weekends in our closed grooming room. Please read our full “Details” on our Services Provided page.